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Silent HunterMany naval war game simulations are available to the modern day enthusiast. I have, for better or worse, taken a crack at most of them. SSI's Silent Hunter is one of those games that I have personally found to be tremendously addictive. Since its' initial release, there have been a myriad of games to hit the shelves of a similar genre. The fact that Silent Hunter is a frequent topic of conversation on the naval war games newsgroup and the various message boards is a tribute to this game's staying power. In short, this old DOS dinosaur still manages to keep a dedicated legion of devoted fans. 

Part of the lure of Silent Hunter for me is the realization that its underlying theme centers around a subject of particular personal interest. Silent Hunter's focus, obviously  is that of World War II, specifically the submarine war in the Pacific. This global conflict was the defining event for a generation. Boys became men overnight, families lost sons, brothers, fathers, and husbands. Nations were torn apart. Without a doubt, this global struggle had a tremendous impact on the generation of its day, and for those that followed. It is with the deepest respect and admiration for the many souls who unselfishly gave of themselves during this time, that I approach Silent Hunter. It is out of this respect that I have attempted to acquire a much fuller understanding and a greater appreciation for what they have achieved. 

I believe that it's beneficial for the user to have an understanding about what the game is attempting to portray. Certainly, Silent Hunter can be played with little or no background knowledge of WW II submarine warfare, but then Silent Hunter just becomes another (albeit great) computer game. I'd venture to say that most of the serious SH fans I've been in contact with are World War II submarine enthusiasts, and well versed in their history. They may not have all started out that way, but Silent Hunter has a way of sparking a desire to learn more about the war, the boats, the men aboard them and the history they created.

Silent Hunter Commander's EditionThe information that I have included on this site is a collection of the strategies and tactics that I have found helpful while playing Silent Hunter. There are many great sources and reference pages available on the web providing excellent game play tips for Silent Hunter. Among the most notable of websites specializing in naval simulations of all flavors is Neal Stevens' SUBSIM Review . SSR is loaded with game reviews, an excellent users forum, detailed troubleshooting hints and informative sections with tips and tactics devoted to naval warfare sims past and present. Another "must see" site is Ed Howard's SubSoWesPac site (the HQ for the online Silent Hunter Campaign, Pacific Thunder). Ed host's Hawk's famous Silent Hunter utilities on the downloads page, where you can get some truly awesome programs specifically designed and developed to enhance the stock version of Silent Hunter. Hawk's online Silent Hunter bulletin board is still up and running and is an extremely productive forum for skippers to share ideas, troubleshoot glitches, spin  tales and basically stay in touch. It promises to be a very popular spot.

Also included in the Wardroom, is a brief history of US submarines during the war in the Pacific. As a WW II naval  history buff, I find Silent Hunter to be very accurate from an historical perspective. Taking into account that certain allowances must be provided the game's developer to have the freedom of license to produce a playable sim. Many of the tips and ideas contained on this site have been recorded over the years from other gamers. The purpose behind developing this site was to provide an archive for these contributions. What follows does not pretend to be the definitive textbook of game play tactics for Silent Hunter, nor is it a "how to book" of WW II submarine warfare. It is however, an account and description of what has been proven over the years to be successful. Time, hours of game play experience and a bunch of lost subs will provide the best lessons.

Having been a frequent visitor to the previously mentioned message boards, it is obvious that there is a tremendous wealth of information and knowledge circulating on the web about this sim. I invite anyone who would like to share their favorite Silent Hunter tip, tactic or strategy as well as any WWII submarine trivia, to e-mail them to me. I will gladly post them on the appropriate Wardroom page and credit the author. While you're at it, you might want to subscribe to the Wardroom's newsletter and stay on top of what's new and who's doing what with the great sub sim.

Be sure to stop back often. This site will certainly be a "work in progress" and I will be updating, and adding to it on a regular basis as information is received.

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