WWII unrestricted submarine warfare in the Pacific 1941 - 1945


  in the PACIFIC  1941 - 1945




Japanese Naval and Merchant Vessels Sunk
During WWII By All U.S. Submarines
 World War II U.S. Submarine Force in the Pacific
A record of all enemy ships sunk in WWII listed alphabetically by submarine
as compiled by JANAC (Joint Army Navy Assessment Committee)

Record of ships sunk by US submarines
beginning with the letter:

H - J

Records are listed alphabetically by Submarine

and Date
of Vessel
of Vessel
Tonnage Submarine
USS Haddo        
21-Aug-44 Kinryo Maru Passenger Cargo 4,390 C.W. Nimitz Jr
21-Aug-44 Norfolk Maru Passenger Cargo 6,576 C.W. Nimitz Jr
22-Aug-44 Sado Frigate 860 C.W. Nimitz Jr
23-Aug-44 Asakaze Destroyer 1,270 C.W. Nimitz Jr
21-Sep-44 Katsuriki Survey Ship 1,540 C.W. Nimitz Jr
9-Nov-44 Hishi Maru 2 Tanker 856 F.C. Lynch
1-Jul-45 CDV* 72 Frigate 800 F.C. Lynch
1-Jul-45 Taiun Maru Cargo 2,220 F.C. Lynch
1-Jul-45 Konri Maru Cargo 3,106 F.C. Lynch
  Total 21,618  
USS Haddock        
22-Aug-42 Unknown Maru Transport 4,000 A.H. Taylor
26-Aug-42 teishun Maru Cargo 2,251 A.H. Taylor
3-Nov-42 Takkai Maru Cargo 1,925 A.H. Taylor
11-Nov-42 Venice Maru Passenger Cargo 6,571 A.H. Taylor
17-Jan-43 Unknown Maru Cargo 4,000 A.H. Taylor
3-Apr-43 Arima Maru Passenger Cargo 7,389 R.M. Davenport
8-Apr-43 Toyo Maru Cargo 1,916 R.M. Davenport
21-Jul-43 Saipan Maru Transport 5,533 R.M. Davenport
  Total 33,585  
USS Hake        
12-Jan-44 Nigitsu Maru Transport 9,547 J.C. Broach
1-Feb-44 Tacoma Maru Passenger Cargo 5,772 J.C. Broach
1-Feb-44 Nanka Maru Cargo 4,065 J.C. Broach
27-Mar-44 Yamamizu Maru Tanker 5,174 J.C. Broach
8-Jun-44 Kazegumo Destroyer 1,900 J.C. Broach
17-Jun-44 Kinshu Maru Cargo 5,591 J.C. Broach
20-Jun-44 Hibi Maru Passenger Cargo 5,874 J.C. Broach
  Total 37,923  
USS Hailbut        
12-Dec-42 Gyokuzan Maru Cargo 1,970 R.H. Gross
16-Dec-42 Shingo Maru Cargo 4,740 R.H. Gross
16-Dec-42 Genzan Maru Passenger Cargo 5,708 R.H. Gross
20-Feb-43 Shinkoku Maru Passenger Cargo 3,991 R.H. Gross
3-Mar-43 Nichiyu Maru Passenger Cargo 6,817 R.H. Gross
30-Aug-43 Taibun Maru Passenger Cargo 6,581 I.J. Galantin
6-Sep-43 Shogen Maru Cargo 3,362 I.J. Galantin
2-Nov-43 Ehime Maru Cargo 4,653 I.J. Galantin
12-Apr-44 Taichu Maru Passenger Cargo 3,213 I.J. Galantin
27-Apr-44 Genbu Maru Passenger Cargo 1,872 I.J. Galantin
27-Apr-44 Kamome Minelayer 450 I.J. Galantin
25-Oct-44 Akitsuki Destroyer 1,900 I.J. Galantin
  Total 45,257  
USS Hammerhead      
1-Oct-44 Kokusei Maru Cargo 5,396 J.C. Martin
1-Oct-44 Higane Maru Cargo 5,320 J.C. Martin
1-Oct-44 Hiyori Maru Cargo 5,320 J.C. Martin
20-Oct-44 Ugo Maru Passenger Cargo 3,684 J.C. Martin
20-Oct-44 Oyo Maru Passenger Cargo 5,458 J.C. Martin
23-Feb-45 Yaku Frigate 900 F.T. Smith
29-Mar-45 CDV* 84 Frigate 1,000 F.T. Smith
6-May-45 Kinrei Maru Tanker 850 F.T. Smith
15-May-45 Tottori Maru Passenger Cargo 5,973 F.T. Smith
10-Jul-45 Sakura Maru Cargo 900 F.T. Smith
10-Jul-45 Nanmei Maru 5 Tanker 834 F.T. Smith
  Total 35,635  
USS Harder        
23-Jun-43 Sagara maru Seaplane Tender 7,189 S.D. Dealey
9-Sep-43 Koyo Maru Cargo 3,010 S.D. Dealey
11-Sep-43 Yoko Maru Cargo 1,050 S.D. Dealey
19-Sep-43 Kachisan Maru Cargo 814 S.D. Dealey
23-Sep-43 Kowa Maru Cargo 4,520 S.D. Dealey
23-Sep-43 Daishin Maru Tanker 5,878 S.D. Dealey
19-Nov-43 Udo Maru Cargo 3,936 S.D. Dealey
19-Nov-43 Hokko Maru Cargo 5,385 S.D. Dealey
20-Nov-43 Nikko Maru Cargo 5,949 S.D. Dealey
13-Apr-44 Ikazuchi Destroyer 1,950 S.D. Dealey
17-Apr-44 Matsue Maru Cargo 7,061 S.D. Dealey
6-Jun-44 Minatsuki Destroyer 1,500 S.D. Dealey
7-Jun-44 Haryanami Destroyer 2,100 S.D. Dealey
9-Jun-44 Tanikaze Destroyer 1,900 S.D. Dealey
22-Aug-44 Matsuwa Frigate 860 S.D. Dealey
22-Aug-44 Hiburi Frigate 900 S.D. Dealey
  Total 54,002  
USS Hardhead        
18-Aug-44 Natori Light Cruiser 5,700 F. McMaster
8-Nov-44 Manei Maru Tanker 5,226 F.W. Greenup
25-Nov-44 CDV* 38 Frigate 800 F.W. Greenup
2-Feb-45 Nanshin Maru 19 Tanker 834 F.W. Greenup
6-Apr-45 Aracasan Maru Cargo 6,886 F.W. Greenup
23-Jun-45 Shuttle Boat 833 Misc Auxiliary 200 F.W. Greenup
23-Jun-45 Sub Chaser 42 Sub Chaser 100 F.W. Greenup
23-Jun-45 Sub Chaser 113 Sub Chaser 200 F.W. Greenup
23-Jul-45 Sub Chaser 117 Sub Chaser 200 J.L. Haines
  Total 20,146  
USS Hawkbill        
15-Dec-44 Momo Destroyer 760 F.W. Scanland
14-Feb-45 Sub Chaser 4 Sub Chaser 100 F.W. Scanland
14-Feb-45 Sub Chaser 114 Sub Chaser 100 F.W. Scanland
20-Feb-45 Daizen Maru Cargo 5,396 F.W. Scanland
16-May-45 Hatsutaka Minelayer 1,500 F.W. Scanland
  Total 7,856  
USS Herring        
14-Dec-43 Hakozaki Maru Passenger Cargo 3,948 R.W. Johnson
1-Jan-44 Nagoya Maru Aircraft Ferry 6,072 R.W. Johnson
30-May-44 Ishigaki Frigate 860 D. Zabriskie
31-May-44 Hokuyo Maru Cargo 1,590 D. Zabriskie
1-Jun-44 Iwaki Maru Cargo 3,124 D. Zabriskie
1-Jun-44 Hiburi Maru Passenger Cargo 4,365 D. Zabriskie
  Total 19,959  
USS Hoe Nissho Maru Tanker 10,526 V.B. McCrea
25-Feb-44 Kohoku Maru Passenger cargo 2,573 V.B. McCrea
8-Oct-44 Shonan Frigate 900 M.P. Refo
25-Feb-45   Total 13,999  
USS Icefish        
24-Oct-44 Tenshin Maru Cargo 4,236 R.W. Peterson
26-Oct-44 Taiyo Maru Cargo 4,168 R.W. Peterson
  Total 8,404  
USS Jack        
26-Jun-43 Toyo Maru Passenger Cargo 4,163 T.M. Dykers
26-Jun-43 Shozan Maru Cargo 5,859 T.M. Dykers
4-Jul-43 Nikkyu Maru Cargo 6,529 T.M. Dykers
19-Feb-44 Kokuei Maru Tanker 5,154 T.M. Dykers
19-Feb-44 Nanei Maru Tanker 5,019 T.M. Dykers
19-Feb-44 Nichirin Maru Tanker 5,162 T.M. Dykers
19-Feb-44 Ichiyo Maru Tanker 5,106 T.M. Dykers
26-Apr-44 Yoshida Maru 1 Passenger Cargo 5,425 T.M. Dykers
25-Jun-44 San pedro Maru Tanker 7,268 A.E. Krapf
30-Jun-44 Tsurushima Maru Cargo 4,645 A.E. Krapf
30-Jun-44 Matsukawa Maru Cargo 3,825 A.E. Krapf
29-Aug-44 Minesweeper 28 Minesweeper 492 A.E. Krapf
29-Aug-44 Mexico Maru Passenger Cargo 5,785 A.E. Krapf
14-Nov-44 Nichiei Maru Cargo 5,396 A.S. Fuhrman
15-Nov-44 Yuzan Maru 2 Cargo 6,859 A.S. Fuhrman
  Total 76,687  
USS Jallo        
11-Aug-45 Teihoku Maru Passenger Cargo 5,795 J.B. Icenhower
  Total 5,795  


CDV* = Coastal Defense Vessel     MTB** = Motor Torpedo Boat


Record of ships sunk by submarines
beginning with the letter:

F to G

K to N



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