WWII unrestricted submarine warfare in the Pacific 1941 - 1945


  in the PACIFIC  1941 - 1945




Japanese Naval and Merchant Vessels Sunk
During WWII By All U.S. Submarines
 World War II U.S. Submarine Force in the Pacific
A record of all enemy ships sunk in WWII listed alphabetically by submarine
as compiled by JANAC (Joint Army Navy Assessment Committee)

Record of ships sunk by US submarines
beginning with the letter:

F - G

Records are listed alphabetically by Submarine

and Date
of Vessel
of Vessel
Tonnage Submarine
USS Finback        
14-Oct-42 Teison Maru Transport 7,007 J.L. Hull
20-Oct-42 Yamafuji Maru Cargo 5,359 J.L. Hull
20-Oct-42 Africa Maru Cargo 9,475 J.L. Hull
27-May-43 Kochi Maru Cargo 2,910 J.L. Hull
8-Jun-43 Kahoku Maru Ex Gunboat 3,350 J.A. Tyree
11-Jun-43 Genoa Maru Cargo 6,785 J.A. Tyree
30-Jun-43 Ryuzan Maru Cargo 4,720 J.A. Tyree
3-Aug-43 Kaisho Maru Passenger cargo 6,070 J.A. Tyree
19-Aug-43 Sub Chaser 109 Sub Chaser 200 J.A. Tyree
2-Jan-44 Isshin Maru Tanker 10,000 J.A. Tyree
11 Se 44 Hakuun Maru Cargo 860 R.R. Williams
11-Sep-44 Hassho Maru Cargo 536 R.R. Williams
16-Dec-44 Jusan Maru Cargo 2,111 R.R. Williams
    Total 59,383  
USS Flasher        
18-Jan-44 Yoshida Maru Ex Gunboat 2,900 R.I. Whitaker
5-Feb-44 Taishin Maru Cargo 1,723 R.I. Whitaker
14-Feb-44 Minryo Maru Cargo 2,193 R.I. Whitaker
14-Feb-44 Hokuan Maru Cargo 3,712 R.I. Whitaker
29-Apr-44 Tahure River Gunboat 644 R.I. Whitaker
29-Apr-44 Song Giang Maru Cargo 1,065 R.I. Whitaker
3-May-44 Teisen Maru Cargo 5,050 R.I. Whitaker
29-Jun-44 Nippo Maru Cargo 6,079 R.I. Whitaker
7-Jul-04 Koto Maru Cargo 3,557 R.I. Whitaker
19-Jul-44 Oi Light Cruiser 5,700 R.I. Whitaker
26-Jul-44 Otoriyama Maru Tanker 5,280 R.I. Whitaker
18-Sep-44 Saigon Maru Ex Light Cruiser 5,350 R.I. Whitaker
27-Sep-44 Ural Maru Transport 6,374 R.I. Whitaker
4-Oct-44 Taiban Maru Cargo 6,886 R.I. Whitaker
4-Dec-44 Kishinami Destroyer 2,100 G.W. Grider
4-Dec-44 Iwanami Destroyer 2,100 G.W. Grider
4-Dec-44 Hakko Maru Tanker 10,022 G.W. Grider
22-Dec-44 Omurosan Maru Tanker 9,204 G.W. Grider
22-Dec-44 Otowasan Maru Tanker 9,204 G.W. Grider
22-Dec-44 Arita Maru Tanker 10,238 G.W. Grider
25-Feb-45 Koho Maru Cargo 850 G.W. Grider
  Total 100,231  
USS Flier        
4-Jun-44 Hakusam Maru Transport 10,380 J.D. Crowley
  Total 10,380  
USS Flounder        
17-Jun-44 Nipponkai Maru Ex MTB** 2,681 J.E. Stevens
  Total 2,681  
USS Flying Fish        
16-Feb-43 Huga Maru Cargo 994 G.R. Donaho
12-Apr-43 Sappora Maru 12 Cargo 2,865 G.R. Donaho
17-Apr-43 Amaho Maru Cargo 2,769 G.R. Donaho
24-Apr-43 Kasuga Maru Cargo 1,377 G.R. Donaho
2-Jul-43 Canton Maru Cargo 2,820 F.T. Watkins
27-Oct-43 Nanman Maru Cargo 6,550 G.R. Donaho
16-Dec-43 Ginyo Maru Cargo 8,613 R.D. Risser
27-Dec-43 Kyuei Maru Tanker 10,171 R.D. Risser
12-Mar-44 Taijin Maru Cargo 1,937 R.D. Risser
16-Mar-44 Anzan Maru Passenger Cargo 5,493 R.D. Risser
1-Apr-44 Ninami Maru Cargo 2,398 R.D. Risser
25-May-44 Taito Maru Passenger Cargo 4,466 R.D. Risser
25-May-44 Osaka Maru Passenger Cargo 3,740 R.D. Risser
10-Jun-45 Taga Maru Cargo 2,220 R.D. Risser
11-Jun-45 Meisei Maru Passenger Cargo 1,893 R.D. Risser
    Total 58,306  
USS Gablan        
17-Jul-44 Minesweeper 25 Minesweeper 492 K.R. Wheland
31-Oct-44 Kaiyo 6 Misc Auxiliary 100 K.R. Wheland
14-Apr-44 Kako Maru Cargo 762 W.B. Parham
  Total 1,354  
USS Gar        
13-Mar-42 Chichibu Maru Cargo 1,520 D. McGregor
8-Dec-42 Heinan Maru Cargo 661 P.D. Quirk
9-May-43 Aso Maru Cargo 703 P.D. Quirk
15-May-43 Meikai Maru Passenger Cargo 3,197 P.D. Quirk
15-May-43 Indus Maru Passenger Cargo 4,361 P.D. Quirk
20-Aug-43 Seizan Maru Cargo 955 G.W. Lautrup
20-Jan-44 Koyu Maru Cargo 5,325 G.W. Lautrup
23-Jan-44 Taian Maru Cargo 3,670 G.W. Lautrup
  Total 20,392  
USS Gato        
21-Jan-43 Kenkon Maru Transport 4,575 R.J. Foley
29-Jan-43 Nichiun Maru Cargo 2,723 R.J. Foley
15-Feb-43 Suruga Maru Cargo 991 R.J. Foley
30-Nov-43 Columbia Maru Passenger Cargo 5,618 R.J. Foley
20-Dec-43 Tsuneshima Maru Cargo 2,926 R.J. Foley
26-Feb-44 Daigen Maru 3 Passenger Cargo 5,256 R.J. Foley
12-Mar-44 Okinoyama Maru 3 Cargo 871 R.J. Foley
14-Feb-45 CDV* 9 Frigate 800 R.M. Farrell
21 Frb 45 Tairiku Maru Cargo 2,325 R.M. Farrell
  Total 26,085  
USS Grampus        
1-Mar-42 Kaijo Maru Tanker 8,636 E.S. Hutchinson
  Total 8,636  
USS Grayback        
17-Mar-42 Ishikari Maru Cargo 3,291 W.A. Saunders
2-Jan-43 !-18 Submarine 2,180 E.C. Stephens
11-May-43 Yodogawa Maru Cargo 6,441 E.C. Stephens
17-May-43 England Maru Cargo 5,830 E.C. Stephens
14-Oct-43 Kozui Maru Passenger Cargo 7,072 J.A. Moore
22-Oct-43 Awata Maru Ex Light Cruiser 7,397 J.A. Moore
18-Dec-43 Gyokurei Maru Cargo 5,588 J.A. Moore
19-Dec-43 Numakaze Destroyer 1,300 J.A. Moore
21-Dec-43 Konan Maru Cargo 2,627 J.A. Moore
21-Dec-43 Kashiwa Maru Ex Net Tender 515 J.A. Moore
19 Frb 44 Tarkei Maru Cargo 4,739 J.A. Moore
19-Feb-44 Toshin Maru Cargo 1,917 J.A. Moore
24 Frb 44 Nampo Maru Tanker 10,033 J.A. Moore
27-Feb-44 Ceylon Maru Cargo 4,905 J.A. Moore
  Total 63,835  
USS Grayling        
13-Apr-42 Ryujin Maru Cargo 6,243 E. Olsen
10-Nov-42 Unknown Cargo 4,000 J.E. Lee
26-Jan-42 Ushio Maru Cargo 749 J.E. Lee
9-Apr-43 Shanghai Maru Cargo 4,103 J,E. Lee
27-Aug-43 Meizan Maru Passenger Cargo 5,480 R.M. Brinker
  Total 20,575  
USS Greenling        
4-May-42 Kinjosan Maru Cargo 3,262 H.C. Bruton
5-Aug-42 Brasil Maru Transport 12,752 H.C. Bruton
6-Aug-42 Palao Maru Passenger Cargo 4,495 H.C. Bruton
3-Oct-42 Kinkai Maru Cargo 5,852 H.C. Bruton
4-Oct-42 Setsuyo Maru Cargo 4,147 H.C. Bruton
14-Oct-42 Takusei Maru Cargo 3,515 H.C. Bruton
18-Oct-42 Hakonesan Maru Cargo 6,673 H.C. Bruton
22-Dec-42 Patrol Boat 35 Old Destroyer 750 H.C. Bruton
30-Dec-42 Unknown Maru Cargo 4,000 H.C. Bruton
30-Dec-42 Hiteru Maru Cargo 5,857 H.C. Bruton
16-Jan-43 Shoho Maru Cargo 3,261 H.C. Bruton
31-Dec-43 Kiri Maru 8 Cargo 1,936 J.D. Grant
7-Nov-44 Kotsi Maru 8 Cargo 939 J.D. Gerwick
7-Nov-44 Kotai Maru Tanker 975 J.D. Gerwick
10-Nov-44 Patrol Boat 46 Old Destroyer 820 J.D. Gerwick
  Total 59,234  
USS Grenadier        
8-May-42 Taiyo Maru Transport 14,457 W.A. Lent
  Total 14,457  
USS Grouper        
21-Sep-42 Tone Maru Cargo 4,070 R.R. McGregor
1-Oct-42 Lisbon Maru Transport 7,053 R.R. McGregor
17-Dec-42 Bandoeng Maru Passenger Cargo 4,003 R.R. McGregor
24-Jun-44 Kumanoyama Maru Cargo 2,857 F.H. Wahlig
    Total 17,983  
USS Growler        
5-Jul-42 Arare Destroyer 1,850 H.W. Gilmore
25-Aug-42 Senyo Maru Ex Gunboat 2,904 H.W. Gilmore
31-Aug-42 Eifuku Maru Cargo 5,866 H.W. Gilmore
4-Sep-42 Kashino Supply Ship 4,000 H.W. Gilmore
7-Sep-42 Taika Maru Cargo 2,204 H.W. Gilmore
16-Jan-43 Chifuku Maru Passenger Cargo 5,857 H.W. Gilmore
19-Jun-43 Miyadono Maru Passenger Cargo 5,196 A.F. Schade
29-Jun-44 Katori Maru Cargo 1,920 A.F. Schade
12-Sep-44 Shikinami Maru Destroyer 1,950 T.B. Oakley
12-Sep-44 Hirado Frigate 860 T.B. Oakley
  Total 32,607  
USS Grunion        
15-Jul-42 Subchaser 25 Sub Cahser 300 M.L. Abele
15-Jul-42 Subchaser 27 Sub Chaser 300 M.L. Abele
  Total 600  
USS Guardfish        
24-Aug-42 Siekai Maru Passenger Cargo 3,109 T.B. Klakring
2-Sep-42 Teikyu Maru Cargo 2,332 T.B. Klakring
4-Sep-42 Chita Maru Cargo 2,276 T.B. Klakring
4-Sep-42 Tenyu Maru Cargo 3,738 T.B. Klakring
4-Sep-42 Kaimei Maru Cargo 5,254 T.B. Klakring
21-Oct-42 Unknown Maru Cargo 4,000 T.B. Klakring
21-Oct-42 Nichiho Maru Cargo 6,363 T.B. Klakring
12-Jan-43 Patrol Boat 1 Old Destroyer 750 T.B. Klakring
22-Jan-43 Unknown Maru Cargo 4,000 T.B. Klakring
23-Jan-43 Hakaze Destroyer 1,300 T.B. Klakring
13-Jun-43 Suzuya Maru Cargo 901 N.G. Ward
8-Oct-43 Kashu Maru Cargo 5,460 N.G. Ward
14-Jan-44 Kenyo Maru Tanker 10,022 N.G. Ward
1-Feb-44 Umikaze Destroyer 1,580 N.G. Ward
16-Jul-44 Jinzan Maru Passenger Cargo 5,215 N.G. Ward
16-Jul-44 Mantai Maru Cargo 5,863 N.G. Ward
17-Jul-44 Hiyama Maru Cargo 2,838 N.G. Ward
19-Jul-44 Teiryu Maru Cargo 6,550 N.G. Ward
23-Sep-44 Miyakawa Maru 2 Cargo 873 N.G. Ward
  Total 72,424  
USS Guavina        
26-Apr-44 Noshiro Maru Cargo 2,333 C. Teideman
4-Jul-44 Tama Maru Passenger Cargo 3,052 C. Teideman
15-Sep-44 Transport 3 LST 1,500 C. Teideman
22-Nov-44 Dowa Maru Cargo 1,916 C. Teideman
7-Feb-45 Taigyo Maru Cargo 6,892 R.H. Lockwood
20-Feb-45 Eiyo Maru Tanker 8,673 R.H. Lockwood
  Total 24,366  
USS Gudgeon        
27-Jan-42 I-173 Submarine 1,785 E.W. Grenfell
26-Mar-42 Unknown Maru Cargo 4,000 E.W. Grenfell
27-Mar-42 Unknown Maru Passenger Cargo 4,000 E.W. Grenfell
3-Aug-42 Naniwa Maru Cargo 4,858 W.S. Stovall
21-Oct-42 Choko Maru Passenger Cargo 6,783 W.S. Stovall
22-Mar-43 Meigen Maru Cargo 5,434 W.S. Port
29-Mar-43 Toho Maru Tanker 9,997 W.S. Port
28-Apr-43 Kamakura Maru Transport 17,526 W.S. Port
12-May-43 Sumatra Maru Cargo 5,862 W.S. Port
28-Sep-43 Tainan Maru Passenger Cargo 3,158 W.S. Port
23-Nov-43 Kekka Maru Transport 6,784 W.S. Port
23-Nov-43 Wakamiya Frigate 860 W.S. Port
  Total 71,047  
USS Guitarro        
30-May-44 Shisen Maru Cargo 2,201 E.D. Haskins
2-Jun-44 Awaji Frigate 900 E.D. Haskins
7-Aug-44 Kusakaki Frigate 900 E.D. Haskins
10-Aug-44 Shinei Maru Cargo 5,135 E.D. Haskins
21-Aug-44 Uga Maru Passenger Cargo 4,433 E.D. Haskins
27-Aug-44 Nanshin Maru 27 Tanker 834 E.D. Haskins
31-Oct-44 Komei Maru Cargo 2,857 E.D. Haskins
31-Oct-44 Pacific Maru Passenger Cargo 5,872 E.D. Haskins
  Total 23,132  
USS Gunnel        
15-Jun-43 Koyo Maru Cargo 6,435 J.S. McCain
19-Jun-43 Tokiwa Maru Cargo 6,971 J.S. McCain
4-Dec-43 Hiyoshi Maru Passenger Cargo 4,046 J.S. McCain
8-Nov-44 Sagi MTB** 595 G.E. O'Neil
17-Nov-44 Shunten Maru Passenger Cargo 5,623 G.E. O'Neil
17-Nov-44 Hiyodori MTB** 595 G.E. O'Neil
  Total 24,265  
USS Gurnard        
11-Jul-43 Taiko Maru Cargo 1,925 C.H. Andrews
8-Oct-43 Tainan Maru Cargo 5,655 C.H. Andrews
8-Oct-43 Dainichi Maru Passenger Cargo 5,813 C.H. Andrews
24-Dec-43 Seizan Maru 2 Cargo 1,898 C.H. Andrews
24-Dec-43 Tofuku Maru Cargo 5,857 C.H. Andrews
6-May-44 Tenshinzan Maru Cargo 6,886 C.H. Andrews
6-May-44 Taijama Maru Passenger Cargo 6,995 C.H. Andrews
6-May-44 Aden Maru Passenger Cargo 5,824 C.H. Andrews
24-May-44 Tatekawa Maru Tanker 10,090 C.H. Andrews
3-Nov-44 Taimei Maru Cargo 6,923 C.H. Andrews
  Total 57,866 N.D. Gage

CDV* = Coastal Defense Vessel     MTB** = Motor Torpedo Boat


Record of ships sunk by submarines
beginning with the letter:

C to D

H to J



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