WWII unrestricted submarine warfare in the Pacific 1941 - 1945


  in the PACIFIC  1941 - 1945




Japanese Naval and Merchant Vessels Sunk
During WWII By All U.S. Submarines
 World War II U.S. Submarine Force in the Pacific
A record of all enemy ships sunk in WWII listed alphabetically by submarine
as compiled by JANAC (Joint Army Navy Assessment Committee)

The following pages list the detailed statistics of all enemy merchant and Man-O-War vessels sunk by each individual U.S. submarine during World War II. The tonnage scores indicated are the adjusted JANAC (Joint Army Navy Assessment Committee) totals. The actual number of ships sunk and the tonnage assigned to the "kill" by American submarines was quite often found by JANAC after the war had ended to be erroneous and frequently wide of the mark. This is very understandable as skippers would report the tonnage of enemy ships sunk based on their best calculation of the actual size of the target. Realizing that the submarine captain's estimate of the target's size was largely based in part on frequent but momentary views through the periscope and on the identification of specific vessels made by the comparison of the image of enemy ship silhouettes printed in the recognition manuals supplied by the Navy, these estimates were made during highly stressful and tension filled moments. Depending on the combat situation, an attacking submarine would only rarely stick around long enough to watch their torpedoed target actually sink, as the possibility of an imminent counterattack by escorting vessels was usually forthcoming. Kills would also be credited for ships sunk, quite often without any solid, concrete verification. In many cases, only the sounds picked up by the hydrophones of a ship breaking up, or the discovery of floating debris in the patrol area the following day was considered sufficient enough evidence of a sinking. In their post war investigations, JANAC teams used Japanese resources as well as war time radio intercepts (ULTRA) of U.S. submarine attacks and those results in their determination of actual tonnage ultimately awarded.

Record of enemy vessel sinkings
listed alphabetically by submarines beginning with the letter:

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